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The Journey to NYC: Day One

If I close my eyes and try real hard I might fly!
Milo comfy in his bedThe boys enjoying the ride!

Hello! Thanks for checking out our blog! I should have named it Wrigley and Milo's Adventures as this trip has been all about them so far! The cast of characters include myself, Blake, Wrigley, and Milo. The plan is moving all 4 of us to NYC with all of our things that we can't live without for 4 months. In the midst of all this we are supposed to close on a house in Orlando in the middle of the summer! As always, our lives are anything but routine! But hey, its fun and I wouldn't have it any other way!
So, we have to rent a large vehicle to move in because Wrigley has a tad bit of separation anxiety. O.K. so he has a lot of separation anxiety! A plane would have resulted in a lot of stress for a lot of people and one dog. Sounds of a dying animal would emit from the cargo hold and surely freak a lot of people out. Blake and I would be the ones crouching down in our seats with sheepish looks on our face. Anyone who has dogsat (or even just been around Wrigley when Blake leaves) knows Wrigley can sound like a wounded animal. So we decide to rent an SUV from Memphis and drop it off in NYC. Sounds like a good plan, right? Wrong! Only 2 rental companies in Memphis even had one way rentals and neither had anything large enough to fit all four of us. Did I mention Wrigley weighs over 70lbs? O.k! New plan, Blake is going to have to fly to Atlanta at 6 a.m. Sunday and rent a car there and drive it back to Memphis. Oh vey! We can still make our 3 p.m. deadline, right?
Thank Goodness for small miracles! Blake decides to check one last time for a rental car in Memphis. It is midnight on Saturday and like a mirage on the computer we see a minivan! Watch out soccermoms here we come! The thought of us in a minivan makes me laugh as we are so not the soccermom type, but hey if it means he doesn't have to fly to the ATL, I'll take it!! We pick up our new minivan and start to pack it. Blake discovers the floorboards fold up and can be used for storage. This mom-mobile is kinda cool after all! We pack all of our stuff in the back and on the back seat. The middle seat is reserved for Wrigley and we put Milo's bed on the floorboard in front of the middleseat. We are all set and ready to go!! Only 2 hours behind schedule! Fortunately, we are only driving to Nashville Sunday and spending the night with Blake's Dad!