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The Journey to NYC: First Night & Day Two

The boys in the big country before the big city
Mini- triage in the mini-van
Milo and his makeshift cast

We finally make it to Nashville after a fun but uneventful trip. That is until we stop by Blake's Uncle's house to visit before heading to his Dad's house. Milo decided this would be a good time for his paw to open up and gush blood. All over their nice, clean rug! Apparently he had a cyst on his back paw and it burst getting blood everywhere. After an hour of cleaning the rug and bandaging up his paw we get back on the road. Just when we think we made it without losing any dogs out the window Wrigley spots an opossum. Luckily I spotted it also and immediately grabbed his tail just as he had half his body out the window! We have dinner, Corky's we brought from home (our last good barbecue for a while :( - Thanks Nick!), visit, and get to bed late. We wake up late. Yay! Woke up and already 2 hours behind schedule! By the time we get on the road we are now 3 hours behind schedule! Again, the trip is uneventful until again Milo decides his foot just hasn't bled enough. When Blake goes into a gas station that dying animal that is Wrigley that I mentioned earlier comes out! In all his anxiousness, he stepped on Milo's bum foot causing it to start bleeding all over again! After buying a few supplies in the gas station, we hit the road. I set up a mini- triage in the mini-van and get Milo's foot all wrapped up. The rest of the drive goes smoothly and 15 hours and 7 states later we arrive!!
It is now 2 a.m and after a stop for coffee and sugar we have our second wind, which is good because we now have to unload everything! Because of Wrigley's anxiety we have to leave both dogs in the car and one person has to stay with them (that and we have to park in front of a fire hydrant). We take turns staying with the car while the other carries the stuff up 2 flights of stairs. By now it is 4 a.m and Blake still has to return the car to the airport!