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The Journey to NYC: Day 2

The dangerous job of going downstairs!Our first trip to Central Park!The living room, kitchen, and loftWrigley has already made himself at home in the bedroom!

Within the first 10 minutes of our journey I realized we were going to have a problem before returning the rental van. The inside of the van, after 18 hours with 2 dogs, looks like a wooly mammoth died. During the trip I have Blake buy a couple of lint rollers. So here it is 4 in the morning, after a 15 hour drive, cleaning a minivan with a lint roller in the streets of Manhattan!
Once the van has been defurred, Blake returns it and I decide I am too tired to unpack tonight. Two hours later Blake finally returns and I have everything unpacked! That was some serious sugar! When he gets back we decide to take the dogs to the park in fear they may make the fatal mistake of waking us up when we finally do crash and burn! Still in our sugar and caffeine induced second wind we are excited about the dogs first visit to Central Park! That is until we realize the logistics of it! Wrigley tends to be in front pulling you helplessly behind him while Milo saunters along a few feet behind you. This doesn't work to well when walking down a flight of stairs! You end up becoming Gumbi with your arms stretched out in both directions! Poor Milo has already been stepped on numerous times from the sheer force of Wrigley pulling us forward from his momentum!
Our apartment is whopping 700 square feet, in Manhattan standards that is palatial! The apartment is literally steps away from Central Park. Our landlord told us Jerry Seinfeld lives in the building next door, John McEnroe in the building across the street, and Matt Dillon in the building behind us. We have definitely come a long way from our neighbors on Estacada!
I quickly learn that suburban life has spoiled me! Did you realize there are people in this country that do not have dishwashers! It seems so preposterous!! How in this country do people not have dishwashers! I also do not have a washer or dryer, however, there are laundromats where you can drop all your laundry off and pick them up clean and folded. Now if I can only find a dishomat to drop off all these dishes!