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Live from New York, Its Saturday Night!!

What we called home for the last 4 months. No, not the museum!
We lived just around the corner..but that would have been cool!

You never know who you will see in Times Square

Because one creepy guy in an Elmo suit is never enough in Times Square
Hey Minnie, I don't think we are in Disney World anymore...

Actually it is Sunday morning but I wrote the blog Saturday night and besides I wanted to use this as a title all summer and this is my last chance! We are heading out today to go back to Florida. The timing is good, it is already getting cold here. Of course when we say this to the locals they think we are crazy!
It has been a fun 4 months and I never thought I would fall in love with this city so much! Especially the first couple of weeks adjusting to life with 2 flights of stairs, no washer/dryer, or dishwasher. But there is something about this city that grows on you. I feel very fortunate and really appreciate the time we had here. There is always an energy in the air that I never experienced in Memphis. Of course, only having Memphis to compare it to, it is no wonder I like it here so much! There is always something going on and always something to do. I thoroughly enjoyed just walking down the street at night with Blake or walking through the park with the dogs. There was always something interesting to see, people to watch, and just an exciting uplifting atmosphere. Life in NYC is never boring, just what I like and the reason why we are moving to central Florida(that and warm winters)! I can't wait to get to Florida and start enjoying our new home.
I have learned several things while spending my summer here in New York. I thought I would enlighten those of you that have never been in case you decide to visit. For those that have been here, consider this your refresher course. First off, New Yorkers do every thing fast. They walk fast, they talk fast. Because you can never talk fast enough, New Yorkers love their abbreviations. It only makes sense that the city is known as NYC because people here talk like I text! Omg, idk wat ther sayn, lol! There is the Met, MoMA, Nolita, Soho, Tribeca, Broad, you get the point. Here Dumbo isn't a Disney character, it is actually short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Study your abbreviations before you come!
Forget tree lined streets, here you have pee lined streets! When we first moved here and I was unloading our van, I didn't want to put our luggage on the street or sidewalk because the smell of dog pee was so strong. When you walk down the street you have to dodge puddles of pee. I have gotten used to it now and only smell it occasionally.
There are constantly people hitting you up for money. Whether it is a street performer or a bum, be prepared. Most locals don't even make eye contact, this was evident when we told a group of beggars "sorry, no" and they thanked us for looking at them and saying no. If you feel like being generous or have a hard time saying no, you will need to have a separate budget just for this. The street performers are everywhere a tourist might be and they range from typical to funny to bizarre. When you run into Mickey Mouse or Elmo in Times Square, think before you send your child for that great photo op. You don't know who is in that costume. They are not Disney employees! Just think of them as very off Broadway characters and they wont bother you as much.
Thank you so much for traveling this road with us and keeping up with our adventures. Lucky for us, maybe not for you, our adventures don't stop here. We are driving back with the dogs Sunday and Monday to get to our new house we haven't even had a chance to experience yet. For one day. One. Then we fly to Amsterdam and Munich for Octoberfest! Octoberfest is one of the best experiences I have ever had and I can't wait to share it with you guys! That is right, it doesn't end here! If I can manage to work my laptop after 3 consecutive nights of drinking while standing on a table singing, I plan on bringing you an update straight from Germany! So until then Tschüs und dankt!