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Will Work for Animals

Most people work for money, some work for food, but not me... I work for animals.
I know it has been a while since I have written but a lot has been going on. In the last month we have had several house guests, finished our unfinished basement, and I got a job. As you can imagine it is an animal job. I'm excited to again be able to convince kids that snakes are not scary, conservation is important, and just pass on the cool and fun facts of animals and nature. Unfortunately, having not worked in some time I am not used to getting up early and being on my feet so much. I am also a little rusty on my info. There is only so many times I can repeat cool trivia about animals to Blake before he starts rolling his eyes, I should have been watching animal planet more! I stay busy with work since most of my spare time is catching up on what my early onset alzheimers brain has forgotten, which hasn't left me much time to write. But I am lucky to be doing what I love. Especially lucky to have Blake's support because without him I would be eating dry ramen noodles from a box on the street. Hence the working for animals part. This is a field you do because you are passionate about it not to become the next Trump. In addition, after I pay for gas and tolls I am lucky if I break even. But it doesn't matter to me because I am having a heck of a good time! I am so lucky and appreciative of Blake because otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this. I am also greatful to my parents who passed on their love of nature and wildlife to me. All those years of going outwest and looking for wildlife definitely made an impression on me. I am working with a lot of the same animals that I worked with before and a few new ones. One new animal is an American alligator which has been fun but mainly because I came home one day with a band aid and convinced Blake I got bit by the alligator! It was actually a paper cut. I don't have pictures from this job yet so I will post some old ones. You know me, a post isn't a post without pictures! I will post again soon with some pictures of the work we did on the house. I hope everyone out there is well and as always, thanks for stopping by and reading!