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Baseball, Birds, and Bears!

No Wrigley Field....

... and no Memphis Zoo

After a being cooped up in a hospital for a week, Blake and I were anxious to get out and enjoy the weekend. The weather was good, the gallbladder was gone, what more could we ask for?! Considering Blake was still on painkillers and a little sore, we wanted to take it easy. We figured going to a baseball game would be alright because he could sit most of the time. Since we had already been to a Yankees game, we decided to try a Mets game. I am probably going to anger many Yankees fans and a few Braves fans with this post but keep in mind this is my humble, unbiased opinion. Remember I am a Cubs fan so don't hold this against me, if anything feel sorry for me! For those of you that don't keep up with baseball, both the Yankees and Mets got new stadiums this year. The Yankees paid 1.3 billion and the Mets paid 600 million. You would think you could tell a big difference in the stadiums given how much more the Yankees spent. Surprisingly, Blake and I liked Citi Field (Mets stadium) much better. I'm not sure why we enjoyed that game so much more. Remember we didn't have a dog in either fight. If anything, we would like the Mets less because they are in the same league as the Cubs. Not to mention the Summer of '69, no not the Bryan Adams song, but yet another superstitious incident holding the Cubs down. Damn that goat and his feline friends! Citi Field had a more energetic, baseball game feel than the Yankees game. We also preferred the layout and design of Citi Field better. It had more personality and seemed to flow better with less obstructions. Not to mention the large amount of food choices! They had everything from seafood, Mexican, to sushi, and lots more! But don't get too mad Yankees fans, Citi Field is no Wrigley Field! Maybe I am not so unbiased there but even Yankees fans have to admit Wrigley is a true treasure with all of it's history. The dog and the stadium! Braves fans: when you see the pictures you will understand why you wont be too happy (sorry Dad).
For those of you that I didn't offend and are still reading (thanks!) we went to Central Park Zoo on Sunday. The weather was good and since we haven't had much luck with that we decided to take advantage of an outdoor attraction. Now as you guys have figured out, I like pictures. And for those of you that know me, I love animals. So when you add me + camera + animals= you get lots of picts! But before you run away in fear, don't worry, I weeded out duplicates and bad shots. Also, the Central Park Zoo has about as many animals as a neighborhood pet store. Again I maybe a little biased but after working in the Memphis Zoo, I was a little disappointed in the Central Park Zoo. The had very few animals and the exhibits were not layed out well for large crowds. Plus some exhibits were not layed out well for visitors to see animals that were out on exhibit. For instance, the snow leopard's exhibit slopes up so unless it is down towards the front you have very little chance of seeing it. Many other exhibits were so crowded with three rows deep of people that we didn't even bother to wait to see the animal. Besides Blake kept asking "Do you really need to see it? Didn't you get bit by one at the Memphis Zoo?" You get bit a couple of times and you never live it down... I realize this is New York and square footage is at a premium, even for the animals. However, the center of the zoo has a large courtyard with only the sea lion exhibit. I will say their Tropic Zone has a better bird aviary than Memphis. The poor birds always get neglected for the large and furry animals when it is time for expansions. The landscaping was also very nice. It is nice to see so much green in the middle of a huge city. They did have red pandas and some other cool animals that we missed; they also had monkeys called snow monkeys, you know Blake didn't let that go.
I hope you enjoyed the post. After angering the Yankee fans, I'm not sure now is the best time to mention the comment section of the blog. Blake informed me today that many of you guys have been posting comments. I was happy and sad. I check all the time for comments but have only gotten 2, I was afraid I had bored everyone to the point they had quit reading. So I was happy that apparently that wasn't the case but I am bummed that for some reason I am not getting the comments. I think I am going to have to fire my tech support guy. So for you guys that sent comments, I hate I missed them but thank you so much! Maybe if I am lucky we will find the old comments. Hopefully we will figure out why we are not getting them and get it fixed.