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I blame the Ice

So I typed all this out a while ago and forgot to post it! I blame it on the the cold weather, for almost a week I couldn't do anything because it was to cold to climb out from under the blanket! It is still cold here but thankfully the ice is now gone. So here is the latest, better late than never (of course that depends on how much you actually enjoy reading this!):

So, we moved to sunny Florida to get away from the cold weather and have year round warmth... so tell me why as I type this I am wearing a sweatshirt, wool socks, sweatpants and my palm trees have ice on them?!?! It is currently in the high 20's and still dropping to the mid 20's. When I took my dogs out this morning, it started sleeting on us! Sleeting! In Central Florida! Did I mention my palm trees have ice on them? I know you guys are thinking "please, it's colder than that where I am". You are right, BUT I moved to get away from that!!! The cold weather does stink but the worst part is that all of our plants/grass is dying. Losing a few plants is OK but we are very worried about all the new sod we just put down. I swear if it dies, I am just going to spray paint it green! Those are not raindrops on the ends of the palms!
And notice the grass is not green, its Florida! It should always be green!!

So other than freezing (literally) cold temperatures, other things you should concern yourself with when living in Central Florida is flying projectiles. We went home for the holidays and enjoyed visiting with friends and family for a few days and then drove 10 hours back home with the dogs. We got back around 1 am and were prepared to be up for at least another hour to clean dog hair out of the rental car (boy does that sound familiar). Instead I spent an hour cleaning glass off the kitchen floor, table, and counter tops and then another hour cleaning the rental car. Finally around 4 am I went to bed so I could get up in 4 hours to return the car. Glass you ask? Obviously living on the fairway of a golf course comes with consequences. Glass went as far as 25' away into the hall and over our 3 1/2' counters into the kitchen sink. I actually found a piece of glass embedded into the wall under the counter top. I have yet to figure out how but I even found a piece in the living room on top of our console. To get there it had to go around a corner and behind my Christmas Decorations! Glass was all over the kitchen table and chairs.
I am glad I wasn't sitting there or else lunch wouldn't have been pleasant.Because the screen was so cold, the ball didn't actually go through the screen. Lucky for the jackass that busted our window; didn't leave his name but made sure to get his ball out of our yard :( To get an idea of the size, the hole was as large as my hand. Thankfully we got the window fixed relatively fast and cheap and the freezing Florida temperatures are no longer coming in!

I hope everyone had a good and safe holiday. We definitely did and enjoyed seeing everyone. I am going to close this out with a few pictures from Christmas. I hope everyone has a great 2010!

Our house decorated for Christmas...Hahaha... I wish!
OK, so this is our house decorated for Christmas
Note the GREEN grass... I miss it :(
Our boys enjoying their Christmas gifts from my mom
I had to share these pictures my sister took at Christmas because they are so incredibly good