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Museum Marathon, Skyscraper Sprint & Coney Island Cut and Run!

I can see my house from here....
Seriously, I can see the Beresford and my house is behind it, does that count?

Coney Island. Yes,that actually says "Shoot the Freak"

the Met

Empire State Building


Anerican Museum of Natural History
I know you are wondering if he wanted to play catch- of course not!
I wasn't there after hours silly!

So we finished up our Museum week with a trip to the American Museum of Natural History, Guggenheim, and the Met. We also did the Empire State Building (included on City Pass) and the Top of the Rock (Top of Rockefeller Center). I really enjoyed the Museum of Natural History, they have a ton of exhibits on animals so I guess that is no real surprise. The also have incredible exhibits on human origins, meteorites, fossils, and a lot more. This museum is one of the ones that if you want to read everything, give yourself a couple of days! The Met was my favorite art museum and Guggenheim my least favorite. The Met has so many different types of art; more than just paintings and sketches like a typical art museum. Another one where you can spend an entire day or two. The Guggenheim was basically dedicated to one artist with the exception of one small room. I was excited to see the Guggenheim because it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and I wanted pictures of the interior but even that is a no-no except for the first floor. If the building itself isn't allowed to be photographed you can bet the art isn't either. I have been to a lot of art museums and that was a first. That was a real disappointment. I will say, Guggenheim was the easiest museum to navigate. I never needed my gps, compass, or ribbon!
I also recommend Top of the Rock over the Empire State Building. In my opinion, Top of the Rock had better views and the Empire State Building was so crowded the entire railing was 2 rows deep of people. It was completely unorganized, the staff was less than pleasant, and they are constantly trying to sell you something.
We also managed to squeeze in Coney Island. The train ride there lasted longer than the time we were actually at Coney Island. I'm glad I could say I went there because it is a little piece of Americana History. Sadly, that's about it. Most everything was closed down, it looked like the redneck riviera of the north and the rides only looked scary because of the possibility of losing your life. We stayed long enough to take pictures, say we had been there done that, and figure out just what exactly is "Shoot the Freak" (shoot a person with a paintball gun while he runs back and forth, I'm not kidding).
I am making this weeks installment of adventures short and sweet since we are busy packing. If this is what you use to help put yourself to sleep, just try reading it twice! As always thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read our blog and look at our pictures.