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Warning: Reading this Blog may Cause Hunger Pains and Drooling!

I love to get P'inch'd.....

.....and S'mac'd!!!!!

Made in New York City?!?!

You know, with all the walking and stairs in my life now you would think I would be in great shape. Of course that might be the case if I wasn't enjoying all of the great restaurants here. There are so many places to eat here and so far everything has been delicious! Every block has at least 5 restaurants and they all have those cute outdoor areas on the sidewalk (I guess no one eats at home because cooking in a broom closet isn't real fun). Between the sidewalk cafes and the very, very different atmosphere I sometimes forget I am not in Europe. Of course some might argue that the south is its own foreign country and should require a passport for entry. I wanted to eat at the outdoor restaurants since we got here and have several times (when it manages to go an hour without rain). Now that we have done that I am ready to step it up a notch and try doing what the locals do, eat at a sidewalk cafe with your dog! Of course the locals don't have dogs with the odd (but cute) personality traits of our dogs. Of course Wrig being a rather sizable dog would be the most difficult. Most cafes have little stanchions that they put around their outdoor area and the customers tie their dogs to it. Now their dogs could be mistaken for rats, granted the rats here are large but still a bit smaller than Wrig. Their dogs lay on the ground and just wait patiently while their owners eat. The problem with Wrigley is he drools when he watches us eat. I can only imagine the looks that this would cause, not to mention, the loss of everyone's appetite. And instead of sitting patiently for us while tied to the stanchion, Wrig would try to run up to every person or dog that walks past. Considering he is 70lbs he would drag the stanchion down the block while Blake and I hide under our table. I can't blame it all on Wrigley, even though Milo is much smaller, he wouldn't work out either. God forbid someone sneezed while we were there! For those of you that don't know about Milo's little oddities, he really doesn't like it when people sneeze. If it even sounds like you are about to sneeze, Milo will run around in circles while barking. I can only imagine Milo running around a poor sneezing victim, tying up their ankles with his leash while barking hysterically. On second thought maybe I should just borrow someone elses dog.
A couple of the more notable places we have eaten are P'inch & S'mac and Brother Jimmy's Barbeque. The first time we ate P'inch was comical because when the delivery guy pulled the box out of his bag it just kept coming and coming (see above pict of P'inch pizza to see what I mean). We didn't realize the pizza was measured with a yard stick! We ate the 4 cheese macaroni from there also and it was the best macaroni I have ever had! Of course leave it to Blake to find a rib joint in New York!? Having been spoiled by Memphis (the best) bbq, we were reluctant to try bbq made in (gasp) New York City (I couldn't get that stupid commercial out of my head all night). The restaurant was well decorated to look like a southern bbq joint even if I did feel like my background was being made fun of (Wednesday is White Trash Night). The ribs were pretty good to not come out of Memphis. Blake thought it was the best food we have had since we have been here but I think he was just so happy to have ribs for the first time in over a month.
We also ate at ESPN Zone mainly because Blake can't pass one without going in. It is in Times Square so it is over priced and the menu is not as good as the one in Disney but it had great views!
Looking at all the food I have been eating, I'm thinking I should head to the gym! You guys have a great day. I'm going to eat, I mean, make my way to the gym! Ciao(pun intended)!