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Life in the Big Apple

Do I look like a bag lady? Because I feel like one!
The very yummy Jerry Seinfeld!

It is easy to tell who is a tourist and who is a local. Tourists are always looking up, have cameras, look lost (because they are lost). Apparently the same can be said for dogs! It is easy to tell New York dogs from all others. New York dogs walk straight, focused, not stopping until their owner stops. Our dogs stop to smell every curb, bench, tree, pole, fire hydrant, etc. They want to smell every scent and there are a LOT of scents here. A 10 minute walk will take them 40! New York dogs do not go up to other people for attention because they know no one is paying attention to them. Our dogs try to go up to everyone assuming they will get pet! The poor dogs are not used to this amount of rejection! A walk through the park is not a simple task as they are both trying to go in different directions to different scents or people and I am trying to wrangle them both in before they get trampled by people, bikes, cars, you name it! I quickly learned the best investment so far was the harnesses we bought for the dogs. Unfortunately I learned it the hard way! As we were crossing a fairly busy intersection, Milo’s collar came right over his head! We were in the middle of the street with the light flashing and a million taxi drivers ready to plow us down and my dog has become separated! I forgot and snapped his leash to his collar instead of the harness. Thankfully it was Milo and not Wrigley because I just picked him up and ran across the street! Forget caffeine! I am awake now!

Living in New York is so different from living in the burbs and what used to be simple tasks take more planning. Doing laundry used to be carrying a basket down the hall, now it is carrying it down two flights of stairs and around the block! Grocery shopping is not so easy when you only have two hands, a limited amount of strength, and again 2 flights of stairs, and at least one block! To help with this new dilemma, Blake bought me a cart which will definitely help lugging all that stuff around! Now if I can just convince the landlord to put in an elevator I will be set!!

While we are out we ate lunch at Peanut Butter Company. I had the Jerry Seinfeld which is a toasted bagel with peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon. YUM! Blake had the Elvis which, as you can imagine, is a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich! Our meals were very simple but you should check out their menu! They have more adventurous items, like the Pregnant Lady! We will definitely make a stop there for those of you that can come visit us! We don’t have many good stories to tell yet as we are still getting settled and buying things for the new place. I’m looking forward to checking out all New York has to offer! There are so many sights to see and as we see them we will share the fun with you guys!!