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I realize not everyone has experience with blogs so it might help to mention how they work for those of you that don't read them often. When you first get to our site the first post you see will be the most recent. If you have missed any posts or my wonderful storytelling of the crazy events leading up to all this, or if you are bored out of your mind and need something to help put you to sleep; you can go to the right side where it says 'Blog Archive' and click on the date you missed. Older posts are at the top. Also you can click on pictures to enlarge them and then hit the X in the right corner to get back to the blog. Now, on to the more important stuff: Ethan!!

Ethan is almost home!

Ethan has really been progressing! He's up to 4 lbs 1.2 ounces. Last night we got him started on a plastic nipple and he went to town on it.. Today he was moved out of his incubator and into an open crib, which means he is regulating his own body temperature. This also means he gets to start wearing all kinds of cute little baby outfits!! It appears that he's grown out of bradys (short instances of heart rate drops). He's almost achieved all the milestones set for him to go home! It hasn't been nearly as hard as I originally thought dealing with all the visits and seeing him hooked up to cables - the little guy never cries and seems to enjoy our company, so we cherish all the time we get with him. My 30th birthday is in 2 weeks and all I want is to bring my little guy home!