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Boats, Buffett, and .... Botanicals?


Watch out Bill Dance, You've got competition!

One of the many lakes around here.


Proper attire required

You can't get to Margaritaville without Margaritas!


So Blake and I spent the past week enjoying a Jimmy Buffett concert, our new boat, and the flower and Garden Festival at Disney's Epcot. Ok, well I mainly enjoyed the last one but Blake was kind enough to accompany me.
As I mentioned we recently bought a "new" boat (its new to us!). It is hard to live in an area surrounded by lakes and only an hour and half to the ocean without a boat! Blake is definitely more familiar with boats than I but I am getting my lake legs! We have yet to try it out in the ocean but will get there eventually. We live within a few miles of a chain of lakes and so far 2 out of 3 times we have seen gators (only babies) and snakes. We got a ski boat and yes we are actually going to ski in the lake with the gators. With just a little training I'm going to have Blake forming a pyramid on skis with them!
After a fun day on the boat we spent Saturday driving to Tampa to see Jimmy Buffett perform. This was Blake's first Buffett concert and my first time tailgating at one. Yes, I said tailgating. For those of you that don't know Jimmy Buffett concerts are so much more than a concert. Most fans (aka Parrotheads) get to the concert hours (several hours) before the actual show and drink, cookout, drink, play games, and did I mention drink? Parrotheads are very fun and spirited and dress up in.... well, just about anything. Guys and girls wear coconut or shell bikinis, grass skirts, parrot hats, shark hats, and anything tropical, fun, or silly. People set up tents, campers, umbrellas, grills, bars, and I even saw a boat. While waiting for the actual show people play games like cornhole, horseshoes, and race coolers (yes, you read that right, check the link if you don't believe me). Being my first time and it only being the two of us I didn't see the need to bring all that stuff. I was wrong. We got there a few hours before the show and realized it was to hot to just sit outside the car on the grass plus we were grossly under dressed. There was not a single grass skirt between the two of us. Luckily, Parrotheads are always willing to help a fellow Parrot out and the family parked in front of us loaded us up with the proper attire. It may be the only time in my life I get Blake in a shell bikini so enjoy it! After an evening of wearing it Blake now appreciates when we women have to remind men "our eyes are up here"! While I think Blake is still only a parakeet, I believe with just one more show he will be a full fledged Parrothead!
We capped off our week with a trip to Disney's Epcot to see the Flower and Garden Festival. They always have incredible topiaries during the year so I was excited to see what they would have specifically for the Festival. As always, Disney doesn't disappoint. I figured pictures would be better than me describing them, so, enjoy!