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A Weekend Full of Firsts! Unfortunately none of them good….

Sunrise was beautiful...

... as was sunset

As if sleeping in a noisy hospital isn't hard enough, construction started at 7 a.m sharp right outside of Blake's window

Our Adventures have taken us to a new place! Regrettably that place was Mt. Sinai Hospital. Blake experienced several firsts in the last 6 days. His first visit to the E.R., his first time being admitted to the hospital, and his first surgery. It was a very long, tiring experience but at least it is all over. Blake was discharged a few hours ago and has a little discomfort and soreness but otherwise just happy to be home! We arrived at the E.R. Wednesday night at 10 p.m. While we were in the E.R, we were betting what time it would be before we got to leave. Blake said 2 a.m, I said 5 a.m. I guess we should have bet on what day we would leave. We both assumed he would be given painkillers, scheduled for a surgery and sent home. That obviously is not what they had in mind. They admitted Blake and gave him more tests in 5 days than I had in 5 years of college. Yes, I said 5 and no I didn't study medicine, although after this week I wish I had. Blake didn't do a good job of scheduling his pain and would have to get sick the day before a 3 day weekend. Blake and I have been fortunate enough to not have to spend much time in hospitals and assumed they did surgeries 7 days a week. It is a hospital after all and they wouldn't make people sit there and suffer just because they were unlucky enough to get sick on a weekend or holiday, right? Not to mention the mounting medical bills incurred while sitting there for days waiting on banking hours to end so you can have surgery. We are going to have to stop assuming, you know what they say. The doctors never told us that because it was not an emergency the surgery wouldn't happen until Monday. Blake and I got impatient and frustrated wondering why they wouldn't just remove his gallbladder. They knew it was gallstones after all! We found out the hard way and now know to schedule pain only when it is not a government holiday or weekend. You learn something new every day. He is lucky I didn’t take it out myself with the plastic knife that came with his meal.
On the bright side Blake was on the 9th floor and had great views out of his room and the waiting areas on the east and west side of his floor. Sadly, he had to spend the 4th of July holiday in the hospital but I told him about the window in the west side waiting room and we were able to see the huge firework show over the Hudson River. It was actually very cool to see it from that angle because the skyscrapers were in the foreground and the fireworks would light the buildings up. Every morning the sunrise from his room was gorgeous and it was nice to enjoy if we had to suffer being awake at that time.
Blake and I want to thank everyone that called to check on us. Whether you spoke to me, Blake, my parents, or his parents; we appreciate everyone's concern. Thank you to Blakes mom and sister for sharing their medical expertise to help us understand what the heck was going on. And thank you to my parents for spreading the info to everyone else. And lastly thank you to anyone who had the misfortune to speak to me during the past 6 days and had to endure my venting. Just know because of you people did not have to watch a crazy woman holding a hospital hostage on CNN. However it would have been a nice break from the nonstop Michael Jackson coverage.

Yes, I even have an album for this. It will be up later today.