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A Fun Filled Weekend with Almost No Rain!

If it has to rain all the time at least we can enjoy the skies afterward!The view from the Empire Hotel Rooftop Party

I have started meeting people and making friends!

Look Maw, No hands! Taking pictures while on a roller coaster requires serious skill.

I think the reason I like New York so much is because there is always something to do! If you are bored in New York you have a serious problem. I started making a list of all the things I want to do or see while we are here. The list looks more like something from a ticker tape parade (ooh... that is something to add to the list! When is the next ticker tape parade?) than the original list of the obvious tourist sites. While looking on the internet for the days and times of the different attractions, I constantly come across other things to do or see. Did you know they have a numismatic museum here? I don't even know what a numismatic is but the museum sounds fun! When doing my tourist research I found out that the Cirque de Soleil show here was only going to be in town for one more day. Since it was on the list we made sure to get tickets. We got great seats right in the middle of the stage only a few rows from the front. Our seats were at the very end of the row and the seat next to Blake was empty. During the show when one of the main characters is running through the audience he sits in the empty seat next to Blake and tells him to hold him! It was funny and I wish I had been able to get a picture of it. Getting a picture of the Easter Bunny would be easier. Unfortunately cameras are completely prohibited, you can't even take pictures of the stage during intermission. The show was incredible and Blake and I were very impressed with the characters and their acts. It is completely amazing what these people can do!
Friday night there was yet another large storm but after it passed the skies were beautiful! It worked out well because we went to the Empire Hotel Rooftop Party. We had great views of the skyline complete with very interesting clouds (I read somewhere they were alto cumulus clouds) and a gorgeous sunset! We had a great time but unfortunately we had such a great time it took most of Saturday to quit fully enjoying it.
After spending Saturday recov...ummm... resting, we were ready to go enjoy the first non rainy day in a while! We decided to go to Six Flags to take advantage of the nice weather while we had it. Six Flags is in New Jersey and to get there we have to take the subway to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and then take an hour bus ride. Blake and I consider ourselves Theme Park connoisseurs as many times as we have been to Orlando. We ranked this Six Flags a couple of notches above Liberty Land and a few notches below Disney World. The park lacks the awesome settings and theming of Disney World as well as the great customer service. We were a little nervous by the fact that median age of the employees looked to be about 15. The park is definitely showing its age and is set in the middle of nowhere surrounded by forest. Apparently the forest animals come in at night and enjoy the rides because there was animal poop everywhere. If I could see a raccoon on Bizzaro roller coaster I wouldn't mind the poop so much. The rides however were very fun! They have a ton of roller coasters which are my favorite. The ride back took over two hours and we were completely exhausted but we had a great view of New York City from the bus. It was fun and got us excited about our move to Orlando.
Well it is almost 3 a.m. here. I procrastinated on this all day, which is so very out of character
for me (hahaha!!). I still have a ton of picts to go through ( I try to weed out the bad ones for your sake! I know you are thinking "That's weeded out?!?). Considering I have to take the dogs out in 5 hours, I am calling it a night! But I will have the next Album up tomorrow. And I promise there are no picts of raccoon poop!