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Todays news comes to us from sunny Florida!

What is better than a beautiful new house?

A beautiful new view!

After a long week of bad news, I am happy to report some good news! Blake and I are now the proud owners of a house in beautiful, sunny Florida!! Yes, while living in a hospital for a week we were also closing on a house! While Blake was laying in the hospital bed I had to journey across NYC to find a FedEx Kinkos to print, sign and mail papers. Did I mention I also had to have them notarized? Something FedKinkos doesn't do. I asked the girl at the counter if they could notarize the papers for me and she responded "No, but they do." and pointed to an optometrist across the street. Ok! You can't get closer or stranger than that. I went across the street and got the papers notarized. I thought about asking him if he was also a dog walker in addition to an optometrist, and notary public. I could use someone to walk the dogs while Blake was in the hospital. After having the eye doctor notarize my papers and his assistant witness it, I went back across the street to mail them. Buying a house in Florida while you are in New York and your stuff is in Memphis has been quite an experience. I thought all the work would end once the papers were signed and it was official but now I have more work then I did before! I am making tons of calls and scheduling everything to get done while I am 1000 miles away. Planning the move has been like planning a three pronged attack. First we have to fly from New York to Memphis, then pack up all our stuff there, and then drive to Orlando. Three cities in three days! I imagine this won't be as much fun as the drive from Memphis to New York with the dogs. Instead of driving a mini van we will be driving a 24' foot truck and we won't have the dogs to entertain us. What will I take pictures of?
We are so excited about the house and can't wait to start enjoying it,however, we are also enjoying New York! We are so very fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy New York during the best months to be here and go to warm, sunny Florida just as it starts getting too cold. Blake is looking forward to getting back to golf and I am looking forward to decorating a new house! There is a lot we want to do to the house and unfortunately for you that means I think we might have just extended this blogs life! Blame it on Blake, he suggested we show everyone the progress we are making on it through the blog.
Moving away from our family and friends will be tough and we are going to miss everybody but we always knew we wanted to leave Memphis. We are not real big fans of violent crime. So who is up for a trip to Disney World!

I bet you thought I wouldn't have pictures for this! HA! You are wrong!