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Never, Ever Again!!

Me, Mom, Dad, & Blake at Disney's Halloween Party
me & Blake

Mom & Dad

Blake, me, Sandra, & Jim on the Hulk at Universal's Islands of Adventure

After the 1st move I said moving is a lot like weddings: no matter how much you plan & organize, something will go wrong! We were actually very lucky after the 1st move, the only thing that went wrong was the horn shorting out & randomly going off. The second move however, made up for the first. As I mentioned before, we had too much stuff for our 24 foot truck so we rented another smaller truck for the rest of the stuff. Once we got to Memphis & started looking around we decided it would be best to get a bigger truck! I was NOT going to make a 3rd move! I would sell whatever was left to gypsies before making that trip again! The day before we were to pick up the truck I called & changed it to another 24' truck with a trailer to haul our SUV. I felt much better afterwards because there would be no problem fitting the rest of our stuff in another 24' truck. I mean, there is no possible way that we have so much stuff that it would take 48' of truck, right?!?! Did I mention I have 20 totes of Christmas stuff? Since Blake was well healed from his surgery & able to lift we didn't bother hiring anybody. Thankfully Blake has a lot of great friends that helped out tremendously. Even my Dad showed up after one of his biggest deadlines of the year. And as always my Mom was there lending a huge much needed helping hand. This is going to be a breeze! Maybe? We had it done much faster than the pros from the 1st move but it was starting to get filled up pretty fast & there is still stuff left!?! NO! Not another move!!! The first move was majority boxes but this move had large items that you couldn't really stack on like a grill, elliptical machine, lawn mower, etc. I started to worry what didn't make the first cut now wasn't even going to make the second cut! At this point I didn't care what shape it was in when it got to Florida as long as it was in Florida! Out of pure frustration, I started throwing stuff on top of anything and everything! Amazingly, nothing was broken or scratched from the move. (remember I said from the move) So, what went so wrong you ask? Well, let see. After the truck is loaded (aka full again) we attach the trailer to the truck, which is no easy feat, & I drive the SUV onto the trailer. We are finally done! Oh wait, the trailer now has a flat & we are supposed to leave in the morning. After Budget's mechanic fixed the flat, all was well. For a while at least! The next morning we drove to Nashville for the weekend because Blake's Dad was getting married to a lovely lady named Sandra. We had a wonderful weekend meeting Sandra's family and everyone had a great time. The ceremony was beautiful and the food was incredible. I grazed all day and felt like a cow by night. Sunday morning we had to get on the road because we had to return the truck Monday. The drive was uneventful except for the devil radio. The hardest part of both trips is being in a vehicle for that long with no cd player or jack for a mp3 player! Not even a tape player! Heck, I would have settled for an 8 track! No, we only had a radio and a very poor selection of stations. Once you did find a station the volume would just randomly go up and up until you turned it off. We called it the devil radio because it was clearly possessed.
Monday morning we decided to take the truck with the trailer to Budget, get the SUV off, leave the trailer, and take the truck back home to unload. This is where the bad day begins. I crawl in the truck to back it off the trailer because I am the only one that can fit in the drivers seat (because it is jammed pack with stuff). Yes, it too. Sad I know. I have it half way down when the girl from Budget and Blake yell "Whoa! Stop!" The ramps on the trailer have nothing to lock them in place & when I backed down one ramp fell about a foot or two. I was instructed to back down very fast because it would probably fall the rest of the way when I backed down. So I looked back, hit the gas, & prayed! Thankfully I was in the SUV & not my car! Had it been my car Budget would still be hearing it from me! Crisis averted, we head home before the movers get there. The movers called & said they were running late so we decided we would get started with the small stuff. Blake starts by picking up the large glass top to our coffee table & handing it down to me. He lost his footing and the glass. We decided it would be best to wait for the movers. Thankfully Blake is ok but the glass is toast. It is lunch & we have no time or food to make something so Blake goes to pick something up. I get a call: movers are running really late, we wont make our drop off time with Budget. I get another call: the SUV broke down in the drive-thru, I need to pick Blake up. I back out of the driveway to pick Blake up thinking what else can go wrong?!? Why did I say that? Now the garage door isn't working. Not sure whether to cuss or cry, I pick Blake up. All did turn out well, the nice lady at Budget didn't charge us for being late, we eventually got the car fixed, & replacing the glass wasn't too expensive but most of all: NO MORE MOVES!!
Just a couple of days after we got back my parents came to visit and we did the DisneyWorld Halloween party & the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. Blake and I were able to pull out our German outfits one last time for the year & my parents dressed as Captain Jack & his wench for the Disney Halloween party. We had a great time & got great picts. Just a few days after they left Jim & Sandra came & we had a blast at Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure. They were a huge help with several projects around the house & Sandra was a big help Halloween night helping me pass out some of the 15lbs of candy we went through (yes, I said 15lbs & yes I am as shocked as you)!
I did not expect this post to be so long but I guess that is what happens when you don't post in over a month! Fortunately for you there are not a lot of picts to go with this post! As always, thanks for taking the time to read our blog!