Welcome to our Blog!

I realize not everyone has experience with blogs so it might help to mention how they work for those of you that don't read them often. When you first get to our site the first post you see will be the most recent. If you have missed any posts or my wonderful storytelling of the crazy events leading up to all this, or if you are bored out of your mind and need something to help put you to sleep; you can go to the right side where it says 'Blog Archive' and click on the date you missed. Older posts are at the top. Also you can click on pictures to enlarge them and then hit the X in the right corner to get back to the blog. Now, on to the more important stuff: Ethan!!

The only thing that is constant is change...

In the last two to three years Blake and I have experienced a lot of change from moving into a new home in a new state to the biggest change anyone can experience: parenthood! Well the changes didn't stop there. As anyone with a child knows, not only does your life change but so does your home. Long gone are the days that the only toys on the floor were chew toys and rope bones. Also my office changed into a nursery and Blake's media room, that changed from an unfinished basement, has not escaped the onslaught of toys that inexplicably manage to find their way everywhere. The backyard has even gone through some changes and is no longer just a place to avoid getting hit by a rogue golf ball but now Ethan's favorite place because what he probably believes is a really, really big bathtub!
And again we are anxiously awaiting our next big change. A year ago we went from a party of two to a party of three and will soon be a party of four! And I will no longer be the only female in this house (no my dog is not a girl)!! More changes to come: no more sleeping through the night, another office turned into a nursery, and girly toys mixed in with the trucks and cars. Unfortunately some things do not change and what caused Ethan to be 11 weeks premature is one of those things. We never knew what caused Ethan to come so early and doctors told me I was at an increased risk of another preterm labor but could very well go the full term. Knowing the history the doctors planned on watching me closely and all seemed to be going well until last month when they discovered the cause of Ethan's early entrance into the world. My doctors discovered I have what's called an incompetent cervix. I know, great name right?! You can imagine all the fun Blake has had with that. But I just remind him my body is not equipped to handle his behemoth babies. Basically the cervix should not shrink until after 28 weeks and mine went from 4.9 to 1.9 before I was 26 weeks. Thankfully because they were monitoring me they caught it and we can hopefully keep this baby in longer than Ethan. The downside is the only way to do this is strict bed rest which comes with mind numbing boredom. Is this what it takes for me to update the blog? Sad... So here I am again on the couch while poor Blake is having to do everything around the house including taking care of a 14 month old. I'm very lucky to have him here to take care of me and he's such a great dad and does such a good job taking care of Ethan. I'll try to keep the blog updated for those of you that read it (all three of you, lol) so you know what is going on with us and the baby.
You know I love my pictures and can't make a blog without them so here are some that chronicle all the changes that have gone on around here...

My office before it changed into...

Ethan's room!  

The backyard before changing...

into Ethan's really big bathtub!

The sitting room changed into...

my office (it is a work in progress that has been temporarily suspended)...
and the unfinished basement changed into...

 a media room and gym!
We haven't finished the new nursery yet but will post pictures of the before and after when we do. As always, thanks for checking in on our little family and what we're up to :)


  1. Your place looks amazing as always! And I spy a couple of familiar photos on the wall in Ethan's room. ;) Glad you're back to blogging. (For now at least!)

  2. Thank you! And you know I'm going to need some pictures of the new baby for her room!! ;)

  3. Yes - thanks getting back to blogging - missed the stories :-) Your house looks great - and can't wait to see the Princess' Castle (aka nursery)!!!

    Loved the pics of Ethan in his "big bathtub". He thinks he is something else and he is.

    Poor Ethan and Blake, hope the look good in pink and tutus.

    Sorry for the bedrest - save up the energy you are going to need it.

    Vicki B.

    1. Thanks Vicki! You know me so well :) Blake & Ethan are about to get so sick of pink!!!